SUB-SONIC is a completely free music library that allows for use in both commerical and non-commerical programs. Its main focus is to provide an extremely powerful music system for games and multimedia applications.


SUB-SONIC is a co-operative and OpenSource music library designed to bring common and advanced music playback, processing and editing facilities to developers and ultimately the end user. We feel that music is an often neglected area of many applications and games this is due to a lack of time and many peoples limited knowledge of the subject. We are a group of programmers dedicated to working together to bring a free and open music library to everyone. There are almost no restrictions on the library and we encourage professional companies as well as individuals to use SUB-SONIC.

We want SUB-SONIC to become an industry standard API that will be used by most people just like OpenGL and Direct3D are to 3D programmers. We are trying to acheive this by providing a comprehensive set of features that provide a lot flexibility. Our library forms a system component on your Operating System allowing it to be shared by applications and eliminating multiple copies. SUB-SONIC can be redistributed along with your applications and newer versions can replace older versions and still be backward compatible and even becoming enhanced through new features and fixes.

SUB-SONIC is a portable library which we endeavour to make availible on as many platforms as possible including minority OSes as well as major OSes. We hope also to stretch beyond the initial Intel hardware and support other processors and machines including consoles. The API interface will be same on each operating system and a series of possible output devices will be availible for each OS.

For those users who want to customise SUB-SONIC or would prefer to compile and link to their own version for a more finely tuned feature set we've got a SUB-SONIC Lite system for this kind of intergration.

Cost and restrictions need not be an issue for you, we've OpenSourced SUB-SONIC on a very relaxed license, MIT license to be exact. You can use SUB-SONIC in any free, shareware or commerical product without charge. Most users should not need to modify SUB-SONIC but you are welcome to do what you like with it (as long as you comply with the license).

SUB-SONIC brings facilities such as playback of digital music, MIDI, streamed audio and compressed audio such as MP3. The library is also expanding into 3D audio and data input.

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